Ameya Global is one of the leading IT Professional Services Organizations, helps fortune 500 companies across the globe to identify and capitalize on business opportunities. We aim to deliver innovative yet practical solutions, from concept through implementation and measurement. Ameya Global's depth and breadth of service and our global reach mean that we have the resources to serve any client, anywhere.

Ameya Global delivers the value that clients care about; it provides ideas and solutions tailored to meet the needs of clients and produce tangible results. Our clients look to us for ideas, the information, the solutions and people that really help them improve their businesses. And we deliver.

Ideas are the essence of our profession, and everyone at Ameya Global prides themselves on their ability to take ideas from concept to implementation. Our experience in designing software solutions and in training people to use information technology enables us to address both technology and human issues effectively. This synergy is leveraged by our global presence that enables us to be a reliable partner anytime, anywhere!

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